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Incpen – Litter fact sheet

Litter is any waste in the wrong place. Individuals create litter through thoughtless or anti-social behaviour. Only individuals can therefore prevent it.

Incpen – Packaging fact sheet

Packaging plays a valuable role in protecting goods. Packaging is what gets the pea from the farm onto your plate, the TV from the factory into your living room. Industry has an interest in keeping packaging to a minimum – to reduce costs as well as to comply with the packaging laws.

Incpen – Packaging in the supply chain

The amount of packaging used in the UK has increased by less than 4% since 1999 (8.5 to 8.8 million tonnes, in 2004 – excluding wood).

Incpen – Packaging Reduction – Doing more with less

Western consumers buy food and goods when they want them, in good condition and with little wastage. In less developed economies, up to half of all food is spoilt before it reaches consumers. In western Europe and the USA the figure is under 3%. The difference is largely due to modern distribution and packaging systems

Incpen – Recycled Content

Recycled materials should only be used in packaging when this provides an overall environmental benefit. Often this is the case, but sometimes it isn’t. This paper explains why not.

Incpen – Responsible Packaging – Code of Practice for optimising packaging and minimising waste

The Responsible Packaging Code of Practice is a welcome contribution to improving packaging designed and used in the UK. The Code addresses both environmental concerns and consumer needs.

Incpen – Understanding Packaging

This summary is based on a report published by the UK Centre for Economics & Environmental Development (UK CEED), a charitable research institute, following independent research into packaging. It was commissioned by INCPEN (the Industry Council for Packaging & the Environment), the body set up in 1974 to research the environmental and social impacts of packaging.

Incpen – Waste Management fact sheet

Waste comes from all types of activity and is more than just household rubbish. Used packaging is between 15% and 25% by weight of household dustbin waste. Household waste is 88% of municipal waste, which in turn is 8% of the total solid waste produced in the UK.

Incpen – What Lifecycle Assessment and Carbon measurement Can and Can't Do

Many assumptions have to be made in carrying out a lifecycle assessment (LCA). The results are never precise or consistent enough to enable comparisons to be made between alternative products. Carbon footprinting is a subset of a full LCA

Incpen – What you need to know about packaging and waste

Information for consumers on recovering and recycling used packaging.