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  • Supermarket aisle

    Reversing the tide on the plastic food packaging backlash

    With mounting public and media pressure on supermarkets to cut down on plastic packaging, it is vital to understand the importance of this valuable material for society and the environment.

  • South Africa has overcome many social and political challenges in recent years. However, the evolutions and revolutions haven’t distracted the ‘Rainbow Nation’ from the importance of looking after the environment.

  • LINPAC rPET Food Service

     In this blog, we explore the key trends driving the foodservice industry and what packaging solutions need to deliver to meet the challenge. 

  • F Topseal

    Megatrends are driving industries into new territories including the retail and FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) sectors, impacting and influencing the daily lives of consumers. In this blog we explore how sustainability driven by megatrends is driving the direction of the packaging world

  • Recycling around the world

    Packaging taxes, clear communications and downweighting were some of the solutions discussed in the recent Guardian debate including LINPAC Group marketing and innovation director Dr Helene Roberts. The debate got us thinking about what the rest of the world is doing in terms of recycling. We have collated a list of innovative ways of how the globe is embracing the recycling movement and turning this ‘waste’ into something more positive for future sustainability.

  • Cake portion pack - portion control

    National Obesity Awareness Week 2017. It’s a topic that’s close to our hearts; some of our key product innovations from 2016 help to address issues such as obesity by offering food portion control. 

  • Christmas LINPAC

    It’s Chriiiiistmas! Get ready for over indulgence, cheesy music, paper hats, crackers…and a mountain of leftovers! Here are our top tips for wasting less food this Christmas...

  • LINPAC collaboration

    LINPAC understands the importance of collaborating with others on new product development and sees it as a primary factor in succeeding within the highly competitive packaging sector. Here, we look at four great collaborations we’ve worked on this year.

  • Pyramid LINPAC

    We live in a world where omnichannel shopping is now the norm. The e-commerce sector is predicted to grow by an extraordinary 67% to 2021. 

    So how can the bricks and mortar channels compete? LINPAC explores how future success can be achieved through traditional channels…

  • Convenience packaging office

    The convenience food and drink category is dynamic and characterised by solutions that are easier to prepare, transport and consume.  The growth in the market stems from the needs of consumers who have increasingly busy lifestyles. The flourishing market is forecast to be worth £21.7 billion by 2021, a significant leap from the £15.1 billion that was recorded in 2015, according to IGD Retail Analysis.

  • Seafood week

    Fish and seafood are gaining popularity year on year as disposable incomes increase and consumer awareness around the health benefits of the protein increase. In order to keep up and to celebrate National Seafood Week, LINPAC has analysed five key trends that are seen as shaping the market in coming years.