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A healthy amount of convenience served up at Fruit Logistica

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Freshware fruit packs

Infia, a global leader in fresh fruit and vegetable packaging, joined forces with LINPAC recently to showcase their new product ranges at Fruit Logistica 2016 in Berlin.

In particular, the Freshware® range from LINPAC taps in to the growing popularity and demand for chilled prepared and convenience food and comprises of hinged and lid sealed containers and tubs, including pyramid, wedge and snack packs for prepared fruit and salads.

The show confirmed that 2016 really is the year for consumer convenience.

For time-poor Britons, prepared fruit and vegetables are becoming an essential item in their shopping basket. On average one in five adults purchase ready-to-eat fruit and veg portions, this figure doubles when it comes to bagged or prepared salads. 

According to Mintel, the 2014 fruit and vegetable market in the UK was worth £16 billion. Of that, pre-prepared fruit and vegetables are estimated to account for as much as £1 billion.

Changing trends in salads are transforming the traditional side salad into a complete meal replacement. Prepared salad products now dominate the food-to-go counters which cold meals and sandwiches occupied in the past. This popularity goes hand in hand with the level of convenience offered: bowls with dressings are up 26% and complete meal bowls are up 42% year on year according to Natures Way Foods.

Breakfast on the move is becoming a norm in present day society with almost 1 in 7 breakfasts eaten outside the home. Trending breakfast choices include grain-based porridges and muesli along with fresh fruit or fruit compotes. 

The retail format of food-to-go items is very important; consumers are time pressed and most major retailers have addressed this by ensuring convenience and snack foods are at the front of the store. In-store bakeries, sushi counters and self-service salad counters are also trending developments in retail.

Grab-and-go snacks represent 12% of all snack-oriented convenience foods. Around one third of the UK population enter shops and quick service food retailers with the sole purpose of buying food to eat on the go every week. Meaning annually we spend an average of £411 on this type of food, with 86% of consumers making repeat purchases.

Modern day consumers, especially millennials, are renowned for being demanding. Consumers expect packaging design innovations to include re-sealable lids, robust forks and pack transparency to quickly see exactly what is contained in their salad box in that all-important moment of decision making.

The need for easy-hold packs that facilitate the consumption of the food whilst on the move is also increasing. Nowadays, professionals are no longer sitting down with work colleagues having lunch in canteens but running to the local convenience store, corner shop or petrol station and grabbing a nutritious snack to refuel them for the busy afternoon ahead at work.

The chosen snack or quick meal is then likely to be eaten on the go, whilst walking or working at the desk in the office. Therefore, the pack design is vital. Packs need to be small enough to fit in consumers’ hands but big enough to satisfy hunger needs.

Consumers, especially those sat in an office all day, are increasingly concerned about maintaining a healthy diet. Snack pots including fruit or salad boxes are a perfect solution. Other healthy snacking trends include high protein snacks and cooked vegetables.

To discover how the Freshware team at LINPAC are addressing these ever evolving consumer trends visit:




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