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Tray Sealing MAP

A comprehensive range of barrier films offering excellent presentation and protection, for a wide range of food products, utilising both lamination and co-extrusion technology

  • Drive sales through outstanding on-shelf presentation – all LINPAC barrier films have excellent anti-fog properties and exceptional transparency to show off your products at their best
  • Eco – conscious - market leading, lowest gaugefilms meet your pack performance and lower your carbon footprint at lowest cost
  • Product safety and security – seal through contamination to ensure a safe and secure pack Increase customer satisfaction - our range of films is available in both lock seal and peelable versions for customer convenience
  • Peace of mind – This complementary range of films is designed to work effectively with the broad array of LINPAC tray designs


Vacuum Skin Trays

The broadest vacuum skin pack tray range on the market today - fully recyclable, lightweight preformed trays suitable for all current tray sealing machinery.

  • Available in a broad range of materials for flexibility in design (Mono PET,PET/PE, Barrier PP, Barrier EPS)
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications, delivering extended shelf life through vacuum integrity
  • Adds value to your bottom line - no lock in to materials supply and runs on typical tray sealing machinery with quick and easy changeover

Rfresh® PET HB Trays

Industry leading high barrier environmental performance, extended shelf life and exceptional product visibility.

  • High Barrier Tray - minimising costly waste in the supply chain
  • Cost efficient - the straight wall design of PET trays can reduce your handling costs by up to 20%
  • Crystal clarity offering exceptional shelf presence and product visibility to drive sales

Rfresh® MB Trays

The natural alternative for white meat and fish

  • Designed as the new environmental standard in MAP trays, more natural in appearance, this latest tray solution from LINPAC offers retailers and packers a lightweight and efficient packaging solution for poultry and fish without compromising on performance or environmental credentials.
  • Manufactured from more than 95% recyclate versus minimal use in PP
  • Machine efficient - maximum strength to suit high speed denesting and sealing operations

Rfresh® Elite Trays

The ultimate super lightweight, mono-material supercleaned tray.

  • Can help to improve packing output by up to 5%
  • Robust and reliable - uniform stacking and easy denesting for line efficiency Adds to your bottom line - visual inspection of the seal area is easy both before and after packing, reducing waste in the supply chain
  • Peace of mind – our in-house super-cleaning technology ensures food safety at all times
  • High barrier material for extended shelf life performance for waste and cost minimisation

LINfresh® Trays

A winning combination - extended shelf life performance and lowest carbon footprint tray

  • The original tray designed for top sealed modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), LINfresh® combines low carbon EPS with barrier technology. It offers an efficient packaging solution which can increase the shelf life of a protein product by up to 300% when compared with traditional non-MAP packaging methods
  • Reduces food waste in the supply chain by keeping products fresher for longer
  • Adds value to your bottom line – minimises leakers on display

LINfresh® Plus Trays

The ultimate foam packaging solution - barrier and absorbency in one design

  • The original tray designed for top sealed modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), LINfresh® Plus combines low carbon EPS with barrier and patented absorbency technology. This unique tray provides both extended shelf life and absorbency without the need for a soaker pad
  • Exceptional product presentation - the thermal and cushioning qualities of EPS ensure protection of your product throughout the supply chain
  • Increases shelf impact by locking away unsightly meat juices from the pack into the absorbent core

Fresh™ PP Trays

Designed principally for the poultry market

  • Enhances your environmental credentials -10% less carbon footprint than an equivalent PP tray and is recyclable
  • Shelf efficiency - straight wall design for effective chiller cabinet stock control
  • Cost efficient - unique ribbed base designs removes the need for 'soaker' pads, so disliked by consumers



New Optilid films can be used where you don’t need any barrier properties or where the product needs to be packed above the sealing flange. This new 18mu stretchable film is suitable for sealing packs on conventional sealing machines

  • Reduce waste - strong film with excellent puncture resistance
  • Lower cost production - Low temperature sealing with strong peel seal or weld
  • Non PVC
  • Reduce waste - Excellent pack integrity and security and no damage to product on sealing (stretch vs shrink operation)
  • Lowers costs – Move from tray seal to overwrap and lower gauge film (Reduce from typical 40mu to 18mu)
  • Drive sales - high clarity and excellent visual pack appeal

LINtop® Star Range of Films

Market leading shrink barrier film technology

  • LINtop Star PE HB - A high barrier lidding film with high shrink properties suitable for PE sealant outside cut rigid and foam barrier trays. Superb shrink characteristics, along with excellent antifog performance, ensure LINtop Star PE HB creates a smooth and tight aspect to allow vertical display on retail shelves to drive sales.
  • LINtop Star PE CXO - A high barrier lidding film with medium shrink properties suitable for PE sealant, outside cut, rigid tray sealers and all rigid tray types. This lighter weight structure ensures very light weight packs do not deform when sealed and with excellent gloss and antifog performance, LINtop Star PE CXO ensures your packs remain crystal clear on shelf.
  • LINtop Star PE SXI - A unique co extruded high barrier, adaptative shrink film suited to both inside and outside cut tray sealers as well as flexible and semi-flexible base web machines. Incorporating excellent antifog performance, LINtop Star PE CXI is non laminated and provides a neat attractive pack with high gloss and transparency.


The secure solution for today’s protein packer

  • LINtop PP HB multilayer MAP film is suitable for inside and outside cut tray sealing of rigid PP trays and PP rigid base thermoformed packaging designs.
  • Easy to use - designed to work with existing manual and high speed automatic tray sealers and from small to fully equipped thermoforming lines
  • Environmentally conscious – lowest gauge, lightest weight films, continually innovated


The sustainable lidding solution for A-PET, rPET & C-PET pack designs

  • LINtop PET HB multilayer MAP lidding films are suitable for tray sealing of rigid mono PET trays and rigid base thermoformed packaging. Designed to work with adapted manual and high speed automatic tray sealers and from small to fully equipped thermoforming lines.
  • Peace of mind – secure lock and peel seal design for minimum waste and seals through contamination
  • Fully Recyclable – match your lidding film material to your tray for a fully recyclable design


The film that protein packers trust

  • LINtop PE HB films are a new generation of MAP lidding films suitable for inside and outside cut tray sealing of foam and rigid barrier trays and rigid thermoformed packaging e.g PVC/PE, APET/PE
  • Robust and reliable – the proven technology used by the Top 10 protein packers in Europe for the past ten years
  • Minimal  waste – a high barrier film to extend your products’ shelf life