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Sweet Tooth

For the sweet ‘snackers’ we have a collection of individual, twin or multi packs to suit gateaux, cake, pastries, slices, biscuits and doughnuts to show off the most sumptuous snacks

  • Smart and functional in design, LINPAC Packging's POS trays offer maximum shelf presence for those tempting lunchtime treats
  • Why not give your product the ‘freshly packed in store’ presentation by using one of the LINPAC EPS trays?
  • Individual or twin portion packs available in various sizes to suit all types of baked confectionery


Standard EPS Trays from LINPAC

LINPAC EPS Trays  - LINPAC provides a colourful selection of foam trays to give your fresh baked goods maximum shelf appeal.

  • Flexibility – suitable for use in both manual and automatic applications in-store
  • Consumer appeal – with a wealth of sizes and colours to choose from your products will stand out from the crowd
  • Reduced waste – whether it’s one of our glossy laminated trays or a simple standard tray, EPS offers exceptional protection for your delicate bakery products both on the shelf and in the shopping basket. It will look as good at home as it does in the shop
  • Sensory appeal - warm touch packaging for tactile pack design. Consumers tell us they like the feel, and value this as part of their experience, driving repeat custom and happy shoppers

Point of Sale Trays

Smart and functional in design and offering maximum protection for wrapped or unwrapped patisserie

  • Robust design prevents upper layers of products from touching lower layers ensuring the product is pristine at the point of sale
  • Maximise in store and POS display with these stylish but functional trays
  • Bespoke designs to meet the needs of the most delicate products

LINPAC Rigid Trays

For the demanding industrial bakery environment, - traditional, robust trays for lid sealing or overwrapping for a range of delicate pastries and morning goods or lightweight skillets for biscuits,
cookies and chocolates.

  • Reduced Waste - best in class, light weighted packaging that drives lowest cost through efficient product protection
  • Technical and engineering support to ensure your packaging operation is running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.
  • Flexibility & Innovation - Unique designs to wow your consumers and drive sales

LeanBake® Portion Packs

Individual or twin portion packs

  • Crystal clear for maximum product shelf appeal
  • Hinged boxes or base and lid options available