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Healthy Eating

Round, square and rectangular shapes form our standard range of salad containers but if you are looking for something a little different then contact us! We have a host of concept container styles we would enjoy developing with you.
Incline display, click and connect, easy grip, peel and reseal and inlaid portions are just some of the novel ways LINPAC can help you differentiate your meal solutions

  • Clarity and transparency to maximise shelf presence and drive sales
  • Fully recyclable with a high use of food safe recyclate to give your consumer peace of mind with an industry leading environmental solution footprint
  • Innovative look and feel helping you look different and sell more
  • Work with LINPAC to develop innovative solutions with our range of new natural and soft touch finishes



A new way of presentation that gives real impact to ensure your products stand out in the rapidly growing ‘grazing’ consumer market.

  • Vertical presentation ensures maximum visibility of the top face of the food really helping you drive sales
  • Multiple clip-in topping tray designs to segregate toppings, dressings and protein options to ensure the meal stays
  • fresher for longer dramatically reducing waste


The easy choice for caterers – from outdoor events to company canteens, from fast food operations to a simple BBQ, Trimplates from LINPAC meet all your catering needs. This lightweight family of non absorbent, single service tableware is the easy choice for the professional caterer.

  • Safe and Reliable – the robust design of this non-absorbent tableware ensures it retains its shape for any meal
  • Easy to use – hygienic, single service design for the busy catering environment
  • Maximise your profits - divided plates offer portion control to reduce food waste and minimise your costs


Smooth Wall Salad Containers

  • Crisp, clear design for exceptional shelf presence
  • Smart and robust design to prevent leaks and maintain freshness
  • Maximise product shelf efficiency with this straight wall design

Pyramid Packs

  • Funky, functional rigid rPET packs for a range of deli requirements
  • From cous cous to coleslaw, Pyramid packs offer shelf appeal in a neat pack design
  • Lidded or tray sealed these crystal clear packs show off their contents and stand out from the crowd

New Leaf® and TB Salad Collection

An ideal, every day family of hinged containers offering crystal clear design

  • for maximum shelf appeal
  • Designed to meet the needs of the ‘food on the move’ market
  • Robust design to prevent leaks and maintain freshness

LINdis® R - rPET Premium Tableware

This range of sleek, ultra modern rPET tableware takes single service tableware to the next level.

  • Peace of mind – strong rPET design ensures food stays on the plate and not in your customer’s lap
  • Enhances your event – the elegant, high quality and contemporary design of LINdis®  R - rPET Premium Tableware is perfect for that special event
  • Ethical design - a new standard in environmentally friendly catering solutions, LINdis®  R - rPET Premium Tableware is manufactured from post consumer recycled materials and so offers a sustainable alternative to the more traditional types of single service tableware
  • Recycle not disposal! – LINdis®  R - rPET Premium Tableware plates are fully recyclable alongside mineral water and fizzy drinks bottles to meet your sustainability requirements

Flow Salad Collection

  • A practical and attractive solution for salad bars and prepared leafy salads.
  • Easy to stack and separate, consumers love this stylish deli pack
  • Ergonomically designed for ease of handling and filling – an everyday pack for the consumer on the go

Bol Salad Collection

Elegant and stylish, round bowls ideal for colourful fruits and wet or leafy salads.

  • Crystal clear to ensure 360 visibility on the shelf
  • Tried and tested design to prevent leaks and maintain freshness


LINtop® Star Range of Films

Market leading shrink barrier film technology

  • LINtop Star PE HB - A high barrier lidding film with high shrink properties suitable for PE sealant outside cut rigid and foam barrier trays. Superb shrink characteristics, along with excellent antifog performance, ensure LINtop Star PE HB creates a smooth and tight aspect to allow vertical display on retail shelves to drive sales.
  • LINtop Star PE CXO - A high barrier lidding film with medium shrink properties suitable for PE sealant, outside cut, rigid tray sealers and all rigid tray types. This lighter weight structure ensures very light weight packs do not deform when sealed and with excellent gloss and antifog performance, LINtop Star PE CXO ensures your packs remain crystal clear on shelf.
  • LINtop Star PE SXI - A unique co extruded high barrier, adaptative shrink film suited to both inside and outside cut tray sealers as well as flexible and semi-flexible base web machines. Incorporating excellent antifog performance, LINtop Star PE CXI is non laminated and provides a neat attractive pack with high gloss and transparency.


The secure solution for today’s protein packer

  • LINtop PP HB multilayer MAP film is suitable for inside and outside cut tray sealing of rigid PP trays and PP rigid base thermoformed packaging designs.
  • Easy to use - designed to work with existing manual and high speed automatic tray sealers and from small to fully equipped thermoforming lines
  • Environmentally conscious – lowest gauge, lightest weight films, continually innovated


The sustainable lidding solution for A-PET, rPET & C-PET pack designs

  • LINtop PET HB multilayer MAP lidding films are suitable for tray sealing of rigid mono PET trays and rigid base thermoformed packaging. Designed to work with adapted manual and high speed automatic tray sealers and from small to fully equipped thermoforming lines.
  • Peace of mind – secure lock and peel seal design for minimum waste and seals through contamination
  • Fully Recyclable – match your lidding film material to your tray for a fully recyclable design


The film that protein packers trust

  • LINtop PE HB films are a new generation of MAP lidding films suitable for inside and outside cut tray sealing of foam and rigid barrier trays and rigid thermoformed packaging e.g PVC/PE, APET/PE
  • Robust and reliable – the proven technology used by the Top 10 protein packers in Europe for the past ten years
  • Minimal  waste – a high barrier film to extend your products’ shelf life